Successfully managing your gallery contact prospect base - 6 best practices

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The gallery business is a difficult one and we all know that successful galleries do an excellent job at managing their contacts and prospect base.  But what does this mean? What needs to happen so contacts are kept engaged, and not annoyed? And how do we engage? We asked a few of our clients, and here are the top 6 best practices.


  1. First, make sure you have a clear offering.  What is it that you are selling? Who is your audience?  Are you trying to sell a little bit of everything? Great galleries have great focus.  They have found their offering, which makes very clear their target market
  3. Keep accurate data.  Emails, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, favorite artists.  Find creative ways to nourish your data. If your audience finds you valuable, they will provide you with the information you need to engage with them.  Your Gallery Management System should provide you with tools that allow you to capture data without creating duplicates
  5. Do not spam your clients.  Email is still king. If your clients think your emails are not relevant, and block you, then that’s it
  7. Keep track of your conversations, and keep your promises.  When you go to your Gallery Management System, you should be able to see all your conversations with your clients.  If you’ve said that you were going to do something, a task should be created and you should be able to know, during the day, what is it that you need to do, and what activities are behind or pending.  Creating the task takes time, but that is the job. Keeping track of your clients is the time it takes to be successful
  9. Segment your contacts and clients.  Your Gallery Management System must help you do this easily.  Which contacts have made purchases? Which ones like which artist?  What is their usual budget? Which ones are great connectors? Different segments require different communications.  Once again, segmentation is what will allow thoughtful communication
  11. Make time to meet and treat your audience personally.  Openings are great, but you are usually super busy making sure that everything goes “perfectly”.  Because you can not spend all the event with every single one of them, try to make time on their agendas.  Invite them to coffee, know what they like, tell them the story behind the artists you represent, their artworks.  Understand their budget, and the finances behind the artworks you are selling.

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Antonio Velasco