Veevart Engage

We want you to be closer to you customers, visitors and your community in the most convenient and beautiful way possible. Try our Engage app as a Digital Guestbook or to gather feedback on your exhibitions and events

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 Veevart Engage

For those organizations that want to collect visitor information either by throwing away their paper guestbook or for those who want to get feedback on the exhibition, Veevart brings them Veevart Engage.


A reinvented Guestbook is now here

Say goodbye to the pages, the ineligible hand-writing, and the hours of typing the names of guestbooks in a database

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Link your guestbook to different exhibitions

Whether you are trying to gather feedback, comments, or signatures for your organization, or for different events, Veevart is here to support you

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Offer your visitors a quick and user friendly way to provide feedback on your events and exhibitions

A simple 5 scale rating will keep your users engaged and provide you measurable ratings on which your teams can act and improve.

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Keep your information organized

You can choose to convert your user interactions in contacts, or just keep a good scorecard for your exhibitions



Forget about exporting and importing contacts to your preferred email marketing provider. Create the criteria you need for marketing and segmentation, and leave the integrations do the job of aligning your different lists and groups

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Experience the Veevart Engage App

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