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Veevart is

A team of hard working individuals who are passionate about art, design and technology. Our objective is to provide you with the best application so that you can better connect to your audience and promote your artworks while making your job easier, more fun, creative and effective


Veevart for Museums and Cultural Institutions

Manage your museum and cultural institution in a single place. Fundraising, ticketing, collection management and shop/POS

Veevart for Art Galleries and Art related Businesses

With Veevart and Salesforce manage your customers, your inventory, your sales and your website like never before

The re-invented Guestbook is now here!

Say goodbye to the pages, the ineligible hand-writing, and the hours of typing the names of guestbooks in a database


They trust us

"We have been using Veevart for almost a year and it's safe to say we are absolutely thrilled. Along with the expert guidance of the Veevart team this app has enabled us supercharge the way we work. Veevart is helping us become a more insightful, responsive and data driven global arts organization".


Danny Browne, Global Technology Manager / Science Gallery Inernational


"I loved the idea to base our backoffice linked to the website and CRM as powerful as Salesforce. 
Veevart team was very efficient and always quick to answer our requests. 
I strongly recommend Veevart!"


Bernard Markowickz, Owner of Markowicz Fine Arts

We can't wait to work with you