We are a team of hard-working individuals passionate about art, culture, design and technology. Our mission is to provide the next technology platform that will power cultural entities, granting them with a clear understanding of their visitor’s journey, and enabling them  to better reach their audience and increase their revenue


  • In charge of the development of Salesforce and iOS applications for the Veevart product

  • You will report directly to the development lead and will work closely with Product Managers, Quality and Sales teams

  • You will be involved in all aspects of the development cycle: idea, development, quality, documentation and implementation, maintenance, error handling, and application improvement


  • You are a driven student of Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or Telemática Engineering - 6 semesters minimum

  • Need to be able to work at least 40 hours per week (what hours will you work, is up to you) - at least 60% from the office - Immediate availability

  • English (reading and writing)

  • An obsession with code - working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Java/Node JS (pick your poison!)

  • Working knowledge of databases (MySQL)

  • Comfortable getting out of your comfort zone

  • We will appreciate:

    • Management of the MVC paradigms in frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone.js, React, Express (Node.js),etc.

    • Experience on Amazon Web Servics  (EC2, S3, RDS)

    • Creation and management of WebServices (NodeJs)

    • Salesforce development


  • Compensated Internship

  • You will not be serving coffee nor playing receptionist - we have no time to waste and neither will you

  • You will learn useful skills and gain confidence - we are all about delivery and execution

  • You will gain expertise (not only knowledge!) on two of the most used platform in the business environment in the world (Salesforce and Amazon Web Services)

  • You will not be bored

  • You will work hard and you will fail fast - it is actually one of your objectives- but you will continue to work hard until you succeed

  • You will make part of a team that has been carefully picked - we only have top talent here.  If you succeed to deliver after 6 months, we’ll hire you full time with a competitive salary and the benefits that goes with it.