Veevart Ticketing & POS System

Ticketing can be challenging for cultural institutions. Whether you charge or not for the entrance, Veevart makes it simple

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Veevart Ticketing and POS System

Whether you charge for your tickets or not, tracking your visitors is key to track engagement, and ensure and secure memberships and donations efforts. Veevart makes it beautiful, simple, and easy, backed by powerful reporting


Selling a Ticket to a Member

Learn how to sell a ticket to a member and how the ticketing prices automatically adjust depending on the visitor's membership

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Veevart Ticketing helps you manage ticket sales in a simple, secure, and state-of-the-art environment.

You can update and manage your offerings in a few seconds directly from Salesforce. There is no integration, we are completely Salesforce native

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Veevart Ticketing is an online and onsite ticketing application that is branded with your unique identity

We provide Web Services and plug-and-play widgets that can get your ticketing online up and running in no time, respecting your brand identity


Veevart recognizes your visitors and their memberships, allowing them to buy their tickets at the correct price

Memberships usually provide benefits reflected on the ticket price. When the member identifies itself through her/his email or membership id, we provide the correct price and even allow them to upgrade their existing membership

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Tracking attendance

Some tickets are sold or given, but they are never confirmed. Veevart allows you to scan the tickets, confirm attendance and track the areas they visited



In order to have Veevart Ticketing / POS working with all its features, you will need some devices. Let's get started with your ticketing and POS environment!

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More than just a ticketing application

With Veevart you are automatically building and managing your visitor database within the most powerful CRM platform available: Salesforce.  And our additional functionalities for membership management and fundraising management come without additional fees


Manage any type of exhibition or event

Whether your events are free, paid, or with time and capacity limitation, we help you manage them easily and fast


Members Only Events

Create more value for your members by hosting Member-Only Events. Our amazing POS and Web Ticketing Application will allow new visitors to purchase their memberships and not miss your great programming


Increased mobility with iPad app

We believe mobility is key, that is why we offer an iPad application through which your team can sell tickets in ways that better serve your visitors, reducing lines and increasing access


Getting your message out to the world

We integrate with the most popular email providers (MailChimp, Constant Contact and more), so that you can use your visitor information to send personalized emails in focused and interest-based messages

Upgrading memberships while selling tickets

There is no better way to upgrade a membership than when the visitors are ready to tour your institution.  You can upgrade the membership and sell tickets at the new membership price


Reports & Dashboards

If you just want to have an overview or if you are a data freak, we got you covered.  Use Salesforce powerful reporting engine to track your visitors, know how many members have visited (or have not!), and ensure next year's donations

Website Integration

Remember when website integration was difficult? It has never been easier.  We now provide you with quick plug-and-play widgets that you can put on your website.  Online ticketing: done!


Email Marketing

All your data can be used to send personalized emails. We connect to most email providers like MailChimp and ConstantContact