Fundraising for Cultural Institutions



Never in our time has society needed more places of consensus, of observation, discussion and tolerance.  Places where our past, imagination, creativity, science and knowledge mix in order to provide the visitor and the community a welcoming space to live, understand and prosper.  Veevart is here to support those places and the wonderful people that make them a reality, by bringing them closer to their audiences and help them amplify their message

We love the Nonprofit Cloud

Our fundraising features are built on top of the Nonprofit Cloud, taking their functionality to the next level linking them to your Website, creating Membership Programs and Specific Funds that can be accessed from your website, your POS, and quickly through your Salesforce instance


 Your members are your treasure

Sell memberships and gift memberships everywhere! Then manage memberships like a pro: understand attendance per member, membership expiration dates and renewal rates, upgrades/downgrades, and shopping behavior


Donations everywhere - Every Cent Counts

People are more likely to make a donation if you tell them what it is for. Create specific funds and track donations towards those funding objectives. Then keep your donors informed and thank them for their contribution


Get those Grants!

We all need the extra help! Go get the funding you need through grants. Track submission deadlines, store documentation, and don’t miss a deliverable


…and by the way, reporting couldn’t get any better!